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CQI Workshops 2023-24

Classical and Quantum Integrability: a collaborative workshop series

This is a series of workshops, involving 7 research nodes in partner universities (see below), on a wide range of topics in Integrable systems and related areas. The workshops are partially funded by the London Mathematical Society . There is some support available to enable research students and post-docs to attend these meetings. The LMS also have funds to help parents and carers.

2023-2024 Session

  • November 24th 2023, in Loughborough:
    Integrable Day at Loughborough "Various aspects of Integrability".
  • March 22nd 2024, in Edinburgh/Heriot-Watt: "Painlevé equations and related topics".
  • April 19-20th 2024 (tentative), in Northumbria: Integrable Systems in Newcastle "Nonlinear dispersive wave phenomena and applications”.
  • May 17-18th 2024, in Leeds: “Quantisation of Integrable Systems: old and new”.

Research Groups

Durham Geometry, Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, and Probability Groups Department of Mathematical Sciences, Durham University

 Edinburgh Mathematical Physics Group Department of Mathematics, Heriot-Watt University and School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh 

Glasgow Integrable Systems and Mathematical Physics Group School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow

Leeds Integrable Systems Group School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

Loughborough Geometry and Mathematical Physics Group Department of Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University

Northumbria Mathematics of Complex and Nonlinear Phenomena Group Department of Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering, Northumbria University

York Mathematical Physics Group Department of Mathematics, University of York