Permanent Members of Staff

NameAreas of expertise
Vincent Caudrelier
Vincent CaudrelierClassical and quantum integrable systems: inverse scattering method, integrable field theories, classical r matrix, quantum R matrix, integrable boundary and defect conditions and applications.
Oleg Chalykh
Oleg ChalykhLinear hyperbolic equations, multivariable special functions, Cherednik and hecke algebras, rings of differential operators, noncommutative geometry.
Allan Fordy
Allan FordyCompletely integrable Hamiltonian systems; quantum integrable systems; canonical transformations and integrable maps; Lie algebraic and differential geometric methods.
Alexander Mikhailov
Alexander MikhailovSymmetries, classification of integrable systems, soliton theory and applications.
Frank Nijhoff
Frank NijhoffIntegrable discrete systems, quantum groups and exactly solvable quantum systems, linear and nonlinear special functions.
Simon Ruijsenaars
Simon RuijsenaarsQuantum integrable systems, analytic difference equations, special functions.

Visiting Professor

NameAreas of expertise
Nalini Joshi
Nalini JoshiFor a definitive description of Nalini's research interests, see her web page, but these include singularity analysis, differential and difference Painlevé equations and asymptotics.

Current Postdoctoral Researchers

Current Research Students (Supervisors)

  • Matteo Stoppato  (Vincent Caudrelier and Allan Fordy (co-supervisor))
    Hamiltonian structures in integrable hierarchies and covariant field theory.
  • Carlos Dibaya-Mbala  (Vincent Caudrelier)
    Integrable nonlinear PDEs on graphs and applications to solitons on networks.
  • Duncan Sleigh (Frank Nijhoff and Vincent Caudrelier (co-supervisor))
    The Lagrangian multiform approach to integrable systems.
  • Jacob Richardson  (Frank Nijhoff)
    Lagrangian multiforms and path integral quantization.
  • Daniel Riccombeni  (Joao Goncalves Faria Martins and Frank Nijhoff (co-supervisor))

Former Members of the Group

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