CQI Workshops 2020-21

Classical and Quantum Integrability: a collaborative workshop series

University of EdinburghUniversity of GlasgowLoughborough UniversityUniversity of Leeds

This is a series of workshops on a wide range of topics in Integrable systems and related areas. The workshops are partially funded by the London Mathematical Society , so there is some support available to enable research students and post-docs to attend these meetings. The LMS also have funds to help parents and carers. map of UK

2020-2021 Session

  • November 27-28th 2020, in Loughborough/Edinburgh :
    Integrable Days, 65th birthday celebration for Alexander P. Veselov.
  • March 2021, in Northumbria:
  • April 2021, in Glasgow :
  • May 2021, in Leeds:

Previous Sessions