Integrable Systems Virtual Seminar Series (2020)

    • Friday, April 3   Matteo Stoppato (Leeds)
      Hamiltonian multiforms and multi-time Poisson brackets   (Abstract)
    • Friday, June 5   Kasia Rejzner (York)
      BV formalism in mathematical QFT  (Abstract)
    • Friday, July 31   Bjorn Berntson (KTH Stockholm)
      Multi-solitons of the half-wave maps equation and Calogero-Moser spin-pole dynamics  (Abstract)
    • Friday, September 18   Jan Felipe van Diejen (Talca, Chile)
      Quantum eigenfunctions and bispectral duality for Inozemtsev’s Toda chain with boundary interactions  (Abstract)
    • Friday, September 25   Laszlo Feher (Budapest and Szeged)
      On the bi-Hamiltonian structure of spin Ruijsenaars-Schneider-Sutherland models   (Abstract)
    • Friday, October 2   Martin Hallnäs (Chalmers, Gothenburg) 
      Lassalle-Nekrasov correspondence between rational and trigonometric Calogero-Moser systems  (Abstract)
    • Friday, October 9   Andrew Kels (SISSA)
      Discrete integrable equations from Lagrangian functions  (Abstract)
    • Friday, October 16   Alexander Mikhailov (Leeds)
      Quantisation ideals of nonabelian integrable systems  (Abstract)
    • Friday, October 23   Edwin Langmann (KTH Stockholm)
      Perturbative solution of the elliptic Ruijsenaars model  (Abstract)
    • Friday, November 13   Alexandr Buryak (HSE, Moscow)
      Open WDVV equations and Virasoro constraints  (Abstract)
    • Friday, November 20   Anastasia Doikou (Heriot-Watt)
      Braces, braids, and quantum group symmetries  (Abstract)
    • Friday, December 4   Julien Roussillon (KTH Stockholm)
      The Virasoro fusion kernel and Ruijsenaars’ hypergeometric function  (Abstract)
    • Friday, December 11   Ilia Gaiur (University of Birmingham, UK)
      Multi-particle Painlevé systems: Painlevé-Calogero and Painlevé-Ruijsenaars systems  (Abstract)

Video recordings of (some) past virtual seminars are available upon request to Vincent Caudrelier or Allan Fordy