Integrable Systems Virtual Seminar Series (2021)

      • Friday, February 19   Vladimir Gerdjikov (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
        Recursion operators and the hierarchies of MKdV equations related to D_4^(1), D_4^(2) and D_4^(3) Kac-Moody algebras (Abstract)
      • Friday, February 26   Ana Retore (Trinity College Dublin)
        Factorization identities and algebraic Bethe ansatz for D_2^{(2)} model (Abstract)
      • Friday, March 12   Theodoros Kouloukas (University of Kent)
        Cluster maps, discrete Hirota reductions and the lattice KdV equation (Abstract)
      • Friday, April 30 Duncan Sleigh (University of Leeds)
        A variational approach to integrable hierarchies (Abstract)
      • Friday, May 7   Yuri Suris (Technische Universität Berlin)
        New results on geometry of bilinear discretizations of quadratic vector fields (Abstract)
      • Friday, October 1   Anton Dzhamay (University of Northern Colorado)
        Different Hamiltonians for Painlevé Equations and their identification using geometry of the space of initial conditions (Abstract).
      • Friday, October 8th     NO SEMINAR
        October 4th-8th, Yaroslavl Third International Conference on Integrable Systems & Nonlinear Dynamics
      • Friday, October 15th    Oleg Chalykh (University of Leeds)
        Twisted Ruijsenaars model (Abstract).
      • Friday, October 22 Tigran Hakobyan (University of Yerevan)                                                                  Symmetry algebra of Calogero-Coulomb model with particle exchanges (Abstract).
      • Friday, October 29 Oscar Brauer-Gomez (University of Leeds)                                                                Moduli Spaces and Integrable hierarchies (Abstract).
      • Friday, November 5 Maxime Fairon (University of Glasgow)                                                                    Double multiplicative Poisson vertex algebras (Abstract).
      • Friday November 12th    Maria Przybylska (University of Zielona Góra)                                                Integrability of the generalized Hill problem (Abstract).
      • Friday November 19th    Sasha Mikhailov (University of Leeds)                                                              Quantisation of free associative dynamical systems (Abstract).
      • Friday November 26th    NO SEMINAR
        Integrable day in Loughborough (CQI meeting)
      • Friday December 3rd    Paolo Lorenzoni (University of Milano-Bicocca)
        A Dubrovin-Frobenius manifold structure of NLS type on the orbit space of $B_n$ (Abstract).

Video recordings of (some) past virtual seminars are available upon request to Vincent Caudrelier or Allan Fordy