Integrable Systems Seminar Series (2022)

  • Friday 11 February  Andrey Yu. Konyaev (Moscow State University)
    Geometry of inhomogeneous Poisson brackets and its application to multicomponent Harry Dym, Korteweg-de Vries and Hunter-Saxton equations (Abstract).
  • Friday 18 February Farrokh Atai (University of Leeds)                                                                                          The van Diejen model and elliptic hypergeometric integrals (Abstract).
  • Friday 18  March Vincent Caudrelier (University of Leeds)                                                                             Classical Yang-Baxter equation, Lagrangian multiforms and ultralocal integrable hierarchies (Abstract).
  • Friday 25 March Jules Lamers (IPhT Saclay)                                                                                                               The Inozemtsev spin chain (Abstract).
  • Friday 10 June Junichi Shiraishi (University of Tokyo)                                                                            Quantization of Discrete Sixth Painleve Equation and Shakirov’s Conjecture (Abstract).

Summer break

  • Friday 28 October Carlos Mbala Dibaya (University of Leeds)Nonlinear mirror image method for the (focusing) nonlinear Schrödinger equation with time-dependent integrable boundary conditions (Abstract).
  • Friday 4 November AGIS Colloquium  Meri Zaimi (University of Montreal)Chern-Simons theory, link invariants and the Askey-Wilson algebra (Abstract).
  • Friday 11 November Boris Bychkov (University of Haifa)Topological recursion for Hurwitz type theories (Abstract).
  • Friday 18 November Tamas Görbe  (University of Groningen)                                                                         Elliptic Ruijsenaars difference operators on bounded partitions (Abstract).
  • Friday 25 November (no Leeds seminar)Integrable Day, Loughborough
  • Friday 2December Galina Filipuk (University of Warsaw)                                                                              Painlevé and quasi-Painlevé equations (Abstract).
  • Friday 9 December Rob Klabbers (HU-Berlin)                                                                                                     Adding spin to a close connection between PDEs and CM models (Abstract).

All talks before the summer break were online. The plan is to have the talks after the summer break in hybrid form where possible, using the MALL facilities.